1. "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."
    — Albert Einstein (via misswallflower)

  2. "We used to laugh at our small selves, saying that i was a bad girl trying to be good and he was a good boy trying to be bad. Through the years these rules would reverse, then reverse again, until we came to accept our dual natures. We contained opposing principles, light and dark." — Patti Smith’s "Just Kids"


  4. "In fact, my soul and yours are the same,
    You appear in me, I in you,
    We hide in each other."
    — Rumi   (via choreia)

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  5. "Everything has its own place and function. That applies to people, although many don’t seem to realize it, stuck as they are in the wrong job, the wrong marriage, or the wrong house. When you know and respect your Inner Nature, you know where you belong. You also know where you don’t belong."
    — tao of pooh

  6. "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved."
    — Helen Keller (via 12lettres)

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  7. ""A fly can’t bird, but a bird can fly." Very simple. It’s obvious, isn’t it? And yet, you’d be surprised how many people violate this simple principle every day of their lives and try to fit square pegs into round holes, ignoring the clear reality that Things Are As They Are.""
    — Benjamin Hoff, Tao of Pooh

  8. ""Its impossible" said pride. "its risky" said experience. "its pointless" said reason. "give it a try" whispered the heart."
    — Love u Jess!

  10. "Hey. Could we do that again? I know we haven’t met, but I don’t want to be an ant, you know? I mean, it’s like we go through life with our antennas bouncing off one another, continuously on ant auto-pilot with nothing really human required of us. Stop. Go. Walk here. Drive there. All action basically for survival. All communication simply to keep this ant colony buzzing along in an efficient polite manner. “Here’s your change.” “Paper or plastic?” “Credit or debit?” “You want ketchup with that?” I don’t want a straw, I want real human moments. I want to see you. I want you to see me. I don’t want to give that up. I don’t want to be an ant, you know?"

  13. "As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can’t see how it is."
    — Ram Dass (via nirvikalpa)

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  14. True words written by @paulocoehlo (Taken with Instagram)

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